Part A: explore the arts as a participant

Arts activity: 
Attending Rock School  – How to work as a team, with my group, to create the original song ‘Tiger’.

Tiger Tiger

How I developed my participation: 
I discovered how different camera angles are used to create music videos and enjoyed being able to transform song lyrics into a film, integrating rehearsal footage, singing, guitar playing, studio recording and even the Macarena into the finished piece! 

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What I’ve learnt:

How to be even more confident in my performance, how to turn an idea into a finished music video, including miming!
“I Like going up there, performing, it gives you a nice feeling.” 03:15 Reflection Video

Part B: explore the arts as an audience member

“I guess more confidence actually. I mean I was a bit hyperactive, I didn’t care what people liked when I was younger.Kinda like that now, just older? No, I’ve kinda matured a bit on the subject, I feel that I’m going to take it more seriously” 03:27 (Reflection Video)

Part C: arts heroes and heroines


I decided to talk on camera about my hero Frank Turner for my summary.

Hero: Frank Turner

Part D: enjoying the arts


Skill – Stage Presence

My lesson clearly worked as Ellis turned into an attention-seeking monster at the end of it!!!