Lewis R

Lewis R

Part A: explore the arts as a participant

Arts activity: 
Attending Rock School  – How to work as a team, with my group, to create an original song ‘Fred’.

How I developed my participation: 
I became part of a band, improved my guitar skills, learnt aboutmulti-track recording, worked on a music video and played guitar on stage.
“The chords were E, A, D + G. It’s quite fast but it slows down a lot in the chorus” 00:32 (‘Inspiration for Fred’ Audio Clip).

What I’ve learnt:

“I’ve become a lot more confident and like, well, a lot better on stage, so I know where to stand and everything now.” 01:23 (Reflection Video)


Fred Fred

The inspiration for Fred:

Part B: explore the arts as an audience member


“It’s quite good, everyone’s like really professional and good. I think I can learn to be a bit better on stage and move about more!”  01:38

Part C: arts heroes and heroines


We had a group discussion with Annabel about who are heroes are and how they might influence our work. I decided to talk about my heroes Nirvana and record a piece of audio for my summary.

Heroes: Nirvana

Part D: enjoying the arts

Lewis R Lewis R


Skill Share – Guitar Power Chords

I thought my lesson went because Adam was a good student, but I made a good plan and knew what I was doing.