Lewis C

Part A: explore the arts as a participant

Arts activity: 
Attending Rock School  – How to work as a team, with my group, to create the original song ‘Tiger’, how to practice my music and improve my bass playing.

Tiger Tiger

How I developed my participation: 
I kept practising and trying new techniques. Working with my band and being in a music video.

What I’ve learnt:

I have learnt how to perform live on stage as well as in a music video. I have also been inspired by my hero Frank Turner that it doesn’t matter if I mess up on stage, if he messes up he just carries on and that’s what I do if I’m nervous.

Part B: explore the arts as an audience member

It’s great watching the performances from the older group, it gives me something to aim towards.

Part C: arts heroes and heroines


Listening to Frank Turner


Hero: Frank Turner

Frank Turner is my Hero because he is the lead guitarist and a singer. He is well known and has written some very cool songs. He inspires me because of the way he plays, it is very alive and crazy. He doesn’t really care if he messes up, he carries on. I learn from that and it works really well on stage, because even if I am nervous it doesn’t matter because I carry on.

His style is laid back but smart and he uses his surroundings to lean upon. I relate to that because I lean on walls and put me feet up on seats! I wear what I want and I don’t care what other people think. So I think that I’m a little like Frank. He is awesome.


Part D: enjoying the arts

Lewis C_plan

Skill Share  – Guitar

It went really well, Ryan was a good student and he got all the right fret numbers in the right order. Making a plan helped me to concentrate on how the lesson would work.