Part A: explore the arts as a participant

Arts activity: 
Attending Rock School  – How to work as a team, with my group, to create the original song ‘Tiger’.

Tiger Tiger

How I developed my participation: 
Creating lyrics and music, reading drum music, rehearsing, performing and creating a music video.

What I’ve learnt:

I’ve learnt to read drum music, learnt to play a bit of guitar, bit of drums, just an all-round basis really. Some people are good, some people are bad, you know. You don’t really care what other people think to be honest” 03:53 Reflection Video

Part B: explore the arts as an audience member

“Seeing other artists, it’s pretty cool being at gigs. It’s fun watching other people, yeah, a lot of people have grown in skill and you know just how good they are” 03:40 (Reflection Video)

Part C: arts heroes and heroines


Rick Allen1

Arts Hero: Rick Allen

Part D: enjoying the arts

Ellis Lesson

Skill Share – Drums