Eden on bass

Eden on bass

Part A: explore the arts as a participant

Arts activity: 
Attending Rock School  – How to work as a team, with my group, to create an original song ‘Fred’.

How I developed my participation: 
How to turn some lyrics into a finished product by recording a song and turning it into a music video.
“I just suggested some chords we could use… I learnt some chords on the guitar and they put it into a riff” 00:23 and 01:15 (‘Inspiration for Fred’ Audio Clip).

What I’ve learnt:
Although I’m quite shy, I’ve learnt to be more confident, how to play professionally and get a good insight into music performance.

Fred Fred

The inspiration for Fred:

Part B: explore the arts as an audience member


“It shows you how to perform properly and gives you a good experience and insight on how to play professionally”  02:39

Part C: arts heroes and heroines


We had a group discussion with Annabel about who are heroes are and how they might influence our work. We all chose different ways of researching and how we would present our summary. I listened to songs on my phone and concentrated on how they made me feel and influence the riffs I play.

Heroes: Green Day

Green Day are my arts heroes because I have grown up listening to them and there lyrics are meaningful, inspiring,  also can cheer you up. The songs are very chatchy and are enjoyable to learn, also it gives you a feeling of pride if you are able to play them. They have lots of different types of songs to help through sad times or happy. Their style is unique and  different also they are a band who have carried on through time as many bands just come and go, but Green Day have still stayed a popular band and are still producing new albums. Their songs keep you listening and engrossed.

Green Day is my inspiration as their riffs and lyrics are interesting also mean a lot to me also it gives me ideas of songs to write or play on my bass. Although I’m not very good at bass I like to learn Green Day songs as some are simple but others are challenging –  the songs relate to the music I like as they are mainly  uplifting or have a meaning to it.


Part D: enjoying the arts

Skill Share – Bass

“I want to teach bass because I want them to be able to play the song confidently and fluently.”

My lesson went well because Caitlin was able to play Smoke on the Water confidently and fluently. I think that writing tab on the whiteboard and demonstrating how to do it, helped her to achieve this.