Part A: explore the arts as a participant

Fred Fred

The inspiration for Fred:

Part B: explore the arts as an audience member

“Seeing everyone get up there and try different things… get my confidence and try something new”  02:25

Part C: arts heroes and heroines

Artist: Caitlin

Hero: Alex Gaskarth

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Alex Gaskarth

Reason: He got knocked down when he was little but refused to give up, he persevered this is how he plays his lead guitar.

Style: hair colour keeps changing – he doesn’t follow the crowd, he’s like me and I can relate to him.

Songs are different to every one else’s, catchy moving exciting

‘Therapy’ is my favourite song and the lyrics mean something to me.

‘Break your little Heart’ – so meaningful, it’s about making mistakes and not giving up.

You learn from the way he says it in his lyrics  and you can tell by the tone of his voice that it is serious and he’s trying to put an important message across. In ‘Therapy’ he is talking about his life mistakes and how we has overcome them and made it better and how he is going to try and help others that are maybe going through what he is going through.

‘Remembering Sunday’ is about a love story but just how he feels about this girl and how he loves her and what he would do for her.

He is my idol because I look up to him quite a lot because of the things I’ve read about him sound likes weve sort of been through the same things. His quotes and advice helps me through the tough times and cheers me up when I’m down. He is unique in the way he does things like when he is performing live, like he’s not embarrassed with the things he does because when I went to see him live, he was dancing singing, messing about and most importantly havning fun, which I why I do music to have fun and maybe get to meet someone there with my passion in music.

Part D: enjoying the arts


Skill Share – Singing

“I chose singing because it’s what I love.”

My lesson went well because Eden said that “It helps you understand how to sing properly and how to look good when you’re doing it!”
It would’ve ben nice to get her to join in, but she was a bit shy on camera!